Saturday, August 21, 2010

Should You Store Soda in Your Emergency Preps?

In many of the emergency preparedness and survivalist groups I belong to, there is talk of storing soda so that water is not all there is to drink. In a true survival situation, however, it is important to treat your body well and to take in only nutritious calories. There are many other reasons why soda is a bad idea in an emergency situation...and also why you might want to rethink drinking it now.

When Survival is Key, Soda Doesn't Fit the Bill

For those of us who stock food and other supplies in case of emergencies (here, the main threat is hurricane), there is often talk about prepping morale-boosting supplies. In the event of a long-lasting crisis, like Katrina, it can be demoralizing to eat out of a can every day and drink stored water. Some preparedness experts suggest storing soda to brighten spirits and make people feel more "normal" during an emergency. 

There are several reasons why soda should not play a part in your food preps: